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DSCF6739The 2015 Maine Blues Festival will be raffling this beautiful Fender Tweed Champ clone (with a few Soul Tramp modifications).

This 5F1 circuit was used by Fender during the mid to late 1950’s for their Champ amplifier.   The beauty of this amp is in it’s simplicity.  There is only one knob, that’s it!   No tone stack, no FX loop, no reverb, no drive, boost, bite, etc.  Just tone and mojo!  This little amp rocks.  Wonderfully warm cleans and screaming overdrive.

Amp Specifications

  • 5F1 circuit design
  • Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • 4/8/16 ohm speaker output
  • Turret board construction
  • Metal film resistors
  • Teflon wire
  • Orange Drop coupling caps
  • 5Y3GT – TAD
  • 6V6EH – Electro Harmonics
  • ECC83 – JJ

Cabinet Specifications

  • Oversize cabinet
  • Solid pine, dovetail joined
  • Tweed finished in 8 coats of shellac & lacquer
  • Oxblood with gold highlight grill cloth
  • 17.75″H x 19″W x 10″/11″D (Slant Face)
  • 25.5 lbs.

Speaker Specifications

  • Weber 10″ 10A125 Alnico