This transformer set for the Soul Tramp Serenity weight 16 lbs.

 Mercury Magnetics

Yes, they’re expensive!  But so is a Ferrari, a Learjet, A Ducati, and so many other nice things we’d all love to own.  It’s not just a name.  There is a difference!

The best way I can describe this difference between Mercury Magnetics transformers and all others is to have you conduct an experiment.  Put on a pair of headphones that are not plugged into anything and then play your guitar through your amp.  Now take the headphones off and play the same thing.  Big difference, right?  Without the headphones there are brighter highs, stronger lows, more defined note separation, etc., etc.

Well, now you know what Mercury Magnetic transformer do for an amp.  They remove the fog.  All of a sudden there are harmonics where none were before.  There are so many tonal nuances left behind in the signal path of an amp.  They never make it to the speakers because the output transformer isn’t capable of reproducing them.

Then there’s the construction quality.  It’s impeccable.  The bells are beautifully painted,  there are no globs of varnish left behind by careless workers, and the materials are the finest.  Compromises are not made in order to hit a price point.