Retail Dealers

Beginning 2016 Soul Tramp amplifiers will be available from a few select retailers.  The dealer network is going to be expended very slowly and methodically as I am unable to build enough amps to satisfy dealer inventory.

Soul Tramp amplifiers are available at:

Buckdancer’s Choice  –  Portland, Maine  –  –  207-774-2219

How To Order

Soul Tramp amplifiers are built one at a time, by me, in Maine.  The amps are built to order.  It takes about 50 hours to build one.  And then several more hours are spent with burn-in and quality testing.   A tweed cab has 8 coats of shellac and lacquer which takes considerable time.


Please either email or call so we can discuss your interest.  Ordering a custom built boutique amplifier is not something that can be done properly via a website shopping cart.



Tele:     207-233-9346