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Tweed 12


Please note, this amps does not have Mercury Magnetics transformers.  It does have a $208 Weber 12A150 alnico.  As well as a beautiful tweed cab finished with 8 coats of shellac and lacquer.  This application of the tweed was an experiment I did striving for a different look than other tweed cabs.  The corners overlap rather than butt.  You have to look closely to see this.  And, the top tweed covering is narrower than the width of the grill.

Tweed 12:    $799


Differences from production Tweed 12

·         Magnetic Components Transformers (not Mercury Magnetics)

·         Eyelet board construction (not turret boards)

·         Faceplate cosmetics are different

·         1 x 12 combo cab (not 2 x 10)

·         Weber 12A150 alnico







·         12 Watts

·         Tube rectified

·         Cathode bias

·         8 ohm speaker output

·         Tweed covering

 Tone Shaping

·         Volume clean channel

·         Volume Soul channel

·         Bright

·         Bite

·         Boost

·         Master volume

 Tube Compliment

·         12AX7  (2)

·         6V6       (2)

·         5Y3       (1)