I wanted an 18W amp for the Soul Tramp product line, but as with all of my amps, I wanted it to be uniquely “Soul Tramp”.  I felt this was the perfect opportunity to take my fondness for the 1961 Fender 6G9 EL84 Tremolux and design a circuit that captured it’s unique voicing, while addressing the inherent design problems of the original Fender.

The Tremor is designed as a blues amp.  It is not a high gain bright amp that accentuates lead guitar.  It’s voicing is smooth, with heavy mids, and has little clean headroom.  It’s intended to be driven hard and not necessarily with pedals (although it handles them well).  My goal was to design a blues amp that stood on its own.

The tube spring reverb can be mixed with just a touch to compensate for room acoustics or dialed in deep enough to feel the surf.

The tube buffer parallel FX loop offers extreme flexibility.  The Level control allows you to set the gain of the signal sent to your pedal board or rack, and the Mix control lets you blend the returned wet signal with the dry preamp signal.  A toggle switches the loop between parallel and serial mode.

There are chassis mounted bias probe jacks for each power tube, and a bias adjustment pot.

As with all Soul Tramp amps, the optional tweed cabinet finished in a golden hue gives a beautiful vintage look to this classic vibe amp.


·         18 Watts

·         Tube rectified

·         Fixed bias

·         Tube driven spring reverb

·         Tube buffered parallel/serial FX loop

·         4/8/16 ohm speaker selection

·         Blonde tolex

Tone Shaping

·         Clean channel volume

·         Soul channel volume

·         Bright

·         Bite

·         Treble

·         Middle

·         Bass

·         Master Volume (Post Phase Inverter)

·         Presence

·         Reverb On/Off

·         Reverb depth

·         FX On/Off

      FX Parallel/Serial

·         FX Level

·         FX Mix

 Tube Compliment

·         12AX7 (3)

·         12AU7 (2)

·         12AT7  (1)

·         EL84    (2)

·         GZ34    (1)


·         Cover

·         Tweed with shellac & lacquer finish


·         Tremor       $2,199    (Dealer pricing is available to all buyers until further notice)

·         Cover        $125

·         Tweed       $200