Tweed 12

Demo Video

Tweed 12 – $3,195



Take a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, Soul Tramp it, then hang on.  What you’ll have is the Tweed 12.  This is our tribute to the nasty snarl that’s made the old tweed amps of the 50’s a favorite among blues and classic rock musicians.  You’ll love the note bloom in this little amp!

The Tweed 12 is uniquely voiced. The combination of the Soul channel, Boost circuit, and speaker mix produce a tone that is like no other.

Soul Tramp Amplification is proud to exclusively use Weber speakers, all U.S. made.  Please note that we use the Vintage and British series speakers, not the entry level Signature Series Webers that so many other amp companies use.

The cabinets are a beautiful gold hue that is not always captured by the camera.


  • 12 Watts
  • Tube Rectified
  • Cathode Bias
  • 8 Ohm Speaker Output
  • Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • Dimensions 24″L x 19″H x 11″D
  • Weight 44 lbs
  • Cover Included         

Tube Compliment 

  • 12AX7  (2)
  • 6V6      (2)
  • 5y3       (1)

 Front Panel

  •  Input
  • Soul
  • Bite
  • Boost
  • Volume Clean Channel
  • Tone
  • Volume Soul Channel
  • Master Volume
  • Standby
  • Power
  • Pilot Light


  • Weber Vintage Series 10F150 ceramic
  • Weber British Series Silver 10 Alnico